Kings. A World History: Now in Dutch

“In Kings Erik Petersson takes the reader on a journey through time, from the era of kings and empresses, sultans, shoguns, queens and tsars to today’s democratic society. “

“We meet a young, ambitious sultan in a medieval Constantinopel who, with the help of his blacksmith, put an end to the political order of his time. We encounter a sultana who ruled from her island in the Nile with a new form of loyalty, and we join Theudebert I, who ruled much of sixth-century Europe.”

“Through countless stories, we learn timeless lessons about leadership, the human psyche and the workings of power. Petersson describes what happens when power is in the hands of a single individual – a form of government with an atrocious reputation, but he also shows how those thousands of years of monopoly led to the greatest achievement of the twentieth century: our modern democracy.”

Release date 7th of December. You can pre-order your copy on here.

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