Chicago: Honor and violence during the Renaissance

The last few days I have been at this year’s annual conference arranged by the American Renaissance Association (RSA) in Chicago. It has been some great days talking about the Renaissance and listening to the leading experts in the field from all around the globe.

My humble contribution to this conference was a talk about honor and violence in the Renaissance, exemplified by a Swedish nobleman Herman Wrangel who had quite a conflict with the Danish Ambassador in Stockholm since they were both interested in the same woman. The fight between the two gentlemen escalated and ended quite nastily with the Swedish nobleman beating up the Ambassador with his cane. This conflict at a point threatened the diplomatic ties between Denmark and Sweden, but the Swedish nobleman insisted that this had nothing to do with politics, it was his personal honor that had been stained by the Ambassador. With this, both parties seems to have agreed upon forgetting about the whole thing.

For more information about the American Renaissance Association and for program of the conference, see

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